The sky looked amazing after the thunderstorms today

I’m sad that the Apple In-Ear Headphones have been discontinued. They were an overlooked gem. Amazing sound quality for the price.


The hall of mirrors at the EscherNYC exhibit in Brooklyn

Pennsy Reflection

Sculpture outside of Pennsy, the food court at Penn Station, NY

Chess and Recursion: Part 1

My custom keyboard

I’ve been using my investment time at thoughtbot to build a multiplayer chess game using Elixir and Phoenix in order to hone my skills in that area. One of the trickiest and most fun parts of the project so far has been generating all the possible moves for a player to make.

My recent travel project. A magnet for every trip! Each one is a photo I took.

Thanks to Kaylee at @purebuttons!

Greek Sunrise

National Observatory of Athens

The Acropolis


My custom built mechanical keyboard with WASD wrist rest and custom cable from Clark Kable.